Services Provided

TCS offers a wide array of concrete services to their customers. Contact us with any questions or to inquire about custom work.

Sealed Concrete


One thing for sure is that concrete is very porous and can eventually breakdown from the elements of weather and sun, along with physical wear and tear. By sealing an/or warproofing your concrete surface, you will not only protect the beauty of a decorative surface but truly extend the life of the surface.

So, what is the best sealer for you? Give us a call and we can help you make the best informed decision.

Stamped Concrete


Stamp patterns can resemble almost anything you can think of. Creating a beautiful stamped concrete patio, driveway or pool deck starts with the best stamps, but stamping concrete requires more. A specific combination of tools and products go into producing the end result.

Terrell Construction has all the related items to produce beautiful concrete patterns including concrete finishing tools, concrete stains and colorants, concrete sealants, and concrete overlay materials.

Stained Concrete


Obviously, by nature of the word, stains will color your concrete. Stain is a general term for any sort of liquid that is applied topically to the surface and leaves behind color. Stains are either reactive or non-reactive and will have different abilities to color depending on the makeup of that surface. Rough, smooth, indoor or outdoor... all will play a factor in concrete staining.

Integral Color Concrete

Integral Color

Integral color is a very traditional and is simply adding a pigment to the concrete as it is mixing, either in the redi-mix truck or by hand. It is often referred to as concrete dye, though is not a dye at all. It infuses color all the way through the material and produces long lasting fade resistant color. This is often a choice for slabs that will be subject to a lot of traffic and abuse as chips are not as noticeable.

Concrete Overlay


Concrete overlay is a method of covering an existing concrete surface with a very thin, new layer of specialized concrete. Decorative overlay provides the ability to give almost any concrete surface, indoor or out, a complete rejuvenation at a lower cost than removal and replacement of the original concrete. There ae multiple options available for achieving any look imaginable with a concrete overlay.

Integral Color Concrete

Epoxy Floor Systems

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Terrell Construction is top notch. After many failed attempts with other companies in building our back patio, TCS came and did it the right way. Totally blown away with their work, knowledge, and professionalism. Highly recommended.

- Joan